A selection of recently completed projects

Dining Room Table

Made from salvaged cypress floor joists, this table is eight feet long and 3 feet wide.  Five planks were joined, hand planed, and finished with an oil/varnish blend for a unique, distinct, and easily repairable surface with a soft, subtle texture that is pleasing to the touch.  The base is built up from a lamination of modern paint-grade lumber and finished with a sprayed satin enamel.

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 Bell Tower Concept Model

Schematic design for a piece of public art, this 3D model of a bell tower utilizes historic details…

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Craftsman Bathroom

Bathroom remodel in a 1928 Bungalow making using of mostly off the shelf, inexpensive materials and a few salvaged…

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Proprietor: Amoz Eckerson, AIA: Architect, Builder